Jul 21, 2014

[Rage Comic] New Thor

Jul 9, 2014

Android Forum - Developer Title

My humble works on couple of Metro PCS phones have been recognized by Android Forum (Phandroid).

Now I have a Developer badge under my ID :)

This is a huge moral boost for me.

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Jul 3, 2014

How to create loki_patch.exe executable file (Loki patch series 1/3)

If you want to know more about what Loki patch is please check my previous post about it.


Theses series of posts will demonstrate step by step instruction of how to download loki patch source, how to create executable file, how to work with your kernel and finally patch it on your device.

On this post, I am going to demonstrate how to download the original source and create executable loki_patch executable file.

Linux Environment - Ubuntu or Linux Virtual machine or Cygwin with DEVEL components - gcc, gdb, make

Since I already installed Cygwin on my windows computer for rom cooking, I have Cygwin environment set up already.

For more information on how to set up Cygwin for Android Kitchen set up, please check this post.
If you scroll half way down, you will see cygwin_install.txt


In addition to the recommended package, you will have to download gdb and make from DEVEL as well.

1. Download the source from djrbliss's loki repository.

Before downloading it, it'd like to mention that loki_patch file is only maintained by its source due to the frequent update on included devices.

As far as I know there's no pre-made executable source from the author. Thus if you find a file 'loki_patch.exe', it must be compiled by other developers.

These files may / may not have the device tree what you are looking for so your device's kernel may not work with the patch.

So I strongly recommend you to download the most recent source from the author.


You can look at the source code by clicking each. To download all of them click the 'Download Zip' button on the right side.

Unzip the folder and extract them on your cygwin/home folder.

If you have installed Android Kitchen, you will already have kitchen folder.

Extract right next to it.

Now run Cygwin or your linux terminal.

For your reading purpose I am going to capitalize the command. Lower case is okay as you can see from my screenshot.

- This will display the files and folders in current directory

- go into the specific folder

- From here you will see the all files you downloaded from loki repository. Since I already complied the loki_patch.exe you can see it from the screenshot.

- Basically you will have to include all .c files then make output parameter (-o) with output file name (loki_patch)

If compiling is success. You will now have the most current loki_patch.exe file.

Okay now you have the most recent loki_patch file.

From the next post, I am going to explain how to pull out necessary files from your phone.

Jul 1, 2014

My Galaxy Mega Broken :(

My 2 years old daughter just dropped my cell phone and unfortunately it landed on the top right edge corner.

Those corners are the most vulnerable parts of the phone because of the impact damage will be all concentrated in to a very small area.

Eventually it cracked up all the way to the bottom right.

I don't think I have insurance on this phone due to the phone changes and policy changes... If I can't get it covered I may have to look at alternative phone or find a way to repair.

Arghthh.. ><

Show some appreciation for Fire Fox Browser

Interesting interview article from my online computer class.

It's an interview on Mitchell Baker, the chairwoman of Mozilla Foundation.

It's interesting and very informative. I highly recommend to watch it.




For my mobile, I am going to download Firefox browser and use it :)

Jun 25, 2014

One Day Deatl @ Best Buy

Today only Best Buy is selling Logitech Gaming Keyboard + Mouse + Mouse Pad + Headphones for $60.00

If you buy them individually from Amazon, it goes over $110.

Nice Deal!

G230 (Headphones) - 35.99
G105 (Keyboard) - 39.99
G100s (Mouse) - 16.89
G240 (Mouse Pad) - 17.94