Broken Out Esteem / Blitzkrieg Kernel

Broken Out Esteem is the first custom rom I've installed on my phone.

Powered by Blitzkrieg Kernel, this rom/kernel combo is fast, smooth and very lightweight.

It also lets you overclock CPU up to 2.1 Ghz, perfect for someone who wants to increse the phone's performance beyond stock setting. 

(Although the kernel's max CPU limit is 2.1 Ghz, the actual limit of phone CPU may vary. Many LG Esteem users claim that they can reach up to 1.9 Ghz and even beyond with stable day-to-day usage.)

Original post here for more & detail information.

Here are the looks. 

Lock screen uses AOSP (Android Open Source Project) version.

Left slide unlocks phone, right slide is for quick mute/unmute sound.

Home Screen - Default Launcher is ADW (Anderweb) Launcher.

App Drawer Screen

ADW setting screen

Call Screen.

Broken Out Rom comes with Swype Keyboard installed.
Swype cannot be downloaded from Google Play Store and it has to be downloaded and installed from Swype web site, so this is handy.

Rom Tool Box's CPU Control screen. LG's recommended & default setting for CPU is 1Ghz (=1024 Mhz)

Power of Blizkrieg Kernel! You can increase CPU max for better performance.
Since mine is stable at 1.9 Ghz, I stopped and took a screenshot here. Other phone maybe able to reach beyond 2.0 Ghz.

Blitzkrieg kernel also comes with various CPU Governor sets.

About Phone - Note the Kernel Version and Build Number.


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