Cyanogenmod 9 for LG Esteem

Rom developer PlayfulGod is working on Cynogenmod 9 for LG Esteem (LG MS-910).

Android Forum's official thread and more information can be found from here.

Since it's an pre-alpha stage, it's very laggy and most of phone functions are not working. 
Although it's far away from usable stage, I had chance to install it and play a bit.

After long boot, I was able to see the lock screen (I almost thought the phone might be bricked haha..).

Drag lock icon to right to unlock it.

Remember this Rom is laggy and unresponsive, your phone may restart and go to sleep mode often, you have to be very patient.

Home Screen

Setting Screen - You can see it's cleary different than stock setting screen with many more options.

More settings screens below...

App Tip screen comes up when you first access the app drawer.

Click 'OK' button (white button on bottom right) to dismiss this information.

App Drawer Screen. 
I will test more apps when I have chance.

Calculator works. 
I did 1+1 and it showed 2 :)

Gallery. It says no strorage error.

Notification screen

I wish I could play more but this is my actual day to day phone.... I had to switch back to stable rom after this testing.

Once updated rom gets uploaded I will test more and post more screenshots.


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