Elixir 2

While searching for good switch / toggle widgets, I ended up with this cool app / widget called Exlir 2.

Elixir 2 provies very detailed information about your device and its software.

Its widget provides various access to system information and switches on many functions.

Widget creation screen ::
For 4x4 home screen you can have up to 7x7 = total 49 icons in one screen.

Widget is very customizable. You can change icon, back ground, transparency, tab action and much more.

Alright this is my widget for now.

It shows basic info (date, time, next alaarm), system info (CPU, RAM, battery), screen toggles (brightness, auto rotate, time out), Sound toggles (speaker phone, on/off) and other switches.

Main Elixir 2 screen. It shows various system information.

More Device info,

Software inforamtion,

Running processes


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