Going back to Go Launcher

Utilizing newly installed Elixir 2 widgets, I went back to Go Launcher.

But this time, I could clearly see the lag during screen transition and app launching. It clearly is not snappy as before.

I am not sure if this is from the icon full of Elixir 2 Widgets or Go Launcher Theme. Go Launcher is known as taking more memory (=heavier) than LPP or ADW. 

I will have to play with different settings to find out more.

AOSP Lock Screen - light, neat and simple

Home Screen 1 ::  Go Launcher with DOT Theme, Go Calendar and Go Weather Widget.

Home Screen 2 :: Elixir 2 with 31 icons / switches

App Drawer

These are screenshots from Launcher Pro Plus (paid version). I can see screen transitions are faster and snappier than Go Launcher but it's still no where closer than previous settings.

I will have to play with Elixir 2 widgets (fewer icons, less refresh) and see if it helps.


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