My Android Projects

This is a list of Android Roms / Kernels / Mods / Tweaks I've worked on.

The list will be updated.


LG - MS910 (Esteem)
Rom Name - Alicia
Status - Stable, Download Available
What is it - It's basically LDrifta's #2 with slight modification & overclock-able kernel. My first Android custom Rom.

LG - MS770 (Motion)
Rom Name - Base Rom
Status - Beta, Download Available
What it is - This is stock rom for further modification & theming.

LG - MS770 (Motion)
Rom Name - Bella
Status - Stable, version 3, download available
What it is - Custom ROM for LG Motion

** Kernels

LG - MS770 (Motion) Kernel 
LG Esteem's Bootimage Kernel
What it is - Repacked LG Motion kernel with LG Esteem's bootimages.

** Mods

LG - MS770 (Motion) Dual Core Hack
What it is - turn on the CPU1 of LG Motion for better performance


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