MX Home Launcher

Go Launcher is the most popular and the most widely used Launcher in Android devices.

Its widest selection of themes and own personalization tools (Go Locker, Go Widgets and other Go Apps) won the fan's favorite. Most of all it is free; you can use its full functionality without paying money at all.

Even though Go Launcher has clear edges over all others, sometimes it's good to get away from it and experience others. 

This time, let me introduce MX Home Launcher.

MX Home's 'Theme' screen. 
MX Home has its own gadget (they call it theme) that has lots of built in functions in it.
This is default clock that comes with it. It has Analog Clock and short cut to common used functions; Contact, Internet, Setting and Mails.

One unique feathre is it has G-sensor. So the gadget also moves by your phone's position but I didn't find any usefulness of this other than eye-candy effect.

This is home screen. This is default theme is called Coffee Theme.
Its customizable like other Launchers.

This is App Drawer screen.
You can sort by Category, Alphabet and Date used.

Rage Reader.. RAWWWR

MX Home's Preference screen.

This is one of MX Home's themes called 'Dash Board' which is avaiable from Google Play Market. Each dash board component works as short key to apps.

You can see Weather info from top left, 'Call' and 'SMS' on handle.

Once you swype, you can see more widgets on this side. Back mirror works as Camera and Contact, Clock, Mail and Music Player can be accessed from here.

Although I installed Dash Board theme, MX Home's complete theme is not changed. I still see Coffee home screen and icons. This is one thing that user must know. Their definition of theme is the all in one gadget that you can bring up and bring down, not the background/icons and entire look & feel.

If you see user comments and reviews from internet, many of them talk about 'Potential' on MX Home. Potential means it's good but not quite there yet.

Smooth, comes with many functions, default theme is very neat and ready to use

Not widely spreaded yet = not enough themes users can play with, available themes have limited function and required money for full version, theme changes the gadget only


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