New Rom, New Launcher, New Look

Go Launcher is my favorite launcher.

Whichever launcher I try, I always come back to Go Launcher due to the wide selection of themes, widgets and its functions.

While updating the Rom, I decided to give a Launcher Pro another shot. Also Launcher Pro a default Rom for Idrifta's Number Two (#2) rom.

Here we go.

Lock Screen. In case you are wondering... she is Miss Marvel.

Home Screen 1 -  4x2 Go Weather and 4x2 ZD Box Switch Widget are used.

Go Weather and Go Weather Widget are two different apps. 
Go Weather Widget is a widget which runs under Go Launcher environment only. 
Meanwhile, Go Weather is an independent app that provides both widget and its own functions.

Home Screen 2 -  4x3 Launcher Pro Plus Calendar, 4x1 Go Weather are used.

Launcher Pro Plus widgets are only available when you buy Launcher Pro Plus and unlock them.
4x1 version of Go Weather provides forecasts.

This is app drawer of LPP.
It's little boring and blend compared to other launchers. 
Hope developer can bring little more customization options on this one.

Rom Tool Box Pro - CPU Profile setting.
To save battery, CPU max is reduced to 245 Mhz when screen is off.

Marvel animation is used for boot animation.
When phone turns on, it displays famous Marvel comic book flip animation.
I couldn't really capture the screen because it flips fast... but you get the idea.

Marvel logo appears at the end, then my phone starts. 
This can be downloaded through Rom Tool Box.


  1. I'm running the ldc rom at the moment. I am going to try your suggestions! thank you


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