ROM Number Two (#2) - Official

ldrifta's LG Esteem Rom - Number Two version 1.6 has been published.

This is the rom I am using right now. It's very light weight, fast and many battery saving features are included.

Download and more information can be found here.

AOSP Lock Screen - AOSP works better with this Rom than stock one (slide up).

Home Screen - stock picture actually suits well with dark theme and icons.

Number Two (#2) is using Launcher Pro.  You can unlock additional features (Widgets) if you purchase Launcher Pro Plus. Launcher Pro (generally) is faster and occupies less memory than Go Launcher.

App Drawer comes with just about 20 Apps. 
That means this Rom is really debloated, removing stock apps and features.
It achieves More space, more memory, more battery by removing unnecessary LG and Metro apps.

Launcher Pro setting - I usually change transition speed higher than stock for snappy screen transtions.

About Phone - please note Kernel and Build Number


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