Black Plague with Plague Rom

Do you want to have high performance (possibly overclocking feature) with Esteem but keep its original look and features with little bit of dark twist?

PlayfulGod's Black Plague Rom / Plague Kernet will satisfy your need.

Black Plague rom is based on LG Esteem's stock rom, so it preserves original look at feel. It has default LG Home launcher with most original apps and icons are there.

But with combination of Plague Kernel, it provides high performance on your phone.

Although launchers and icons are same as original, its background and fonts are chaged.
This is how home screen looks like.

Most of original LG Home apps are there.
Metro related apps are removed.

It comes with Swype Keyboard installed.

Plague Kernel lets you overclock CPU up to 2 Ghz level.
Although max overclock range can be differ by phone.
Mine's stable at 1.9 Ghz if I raise beyond 2 Ghz, phone freezes then restarts.

It also provides additional CPU governors.

Quadrant score with overclocked to 1.9 Ghz.


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