How to Import Contact from PC to Gmail and Android Phone

Let's say you have a long list of contact with computer file (text file or excel file) and you want to import it to your phone.

Here's an easy way to do it using Gmail's Contact Import feature.

First thing you need to do is convert the contact information to CSV (comma separated value) format so gmail can read it.

First let's see how gmail's csv format looks like.
Go to your gmail and go to contact menu.

Click 'More' option on top, then you will see Export Contacts option.
Download random contact from Gmail then Google.csv file will be created on your computer.

If you just open the file up with text editor, it will be hard to edit.
They are not aligned well so let's use Excel to open it up.

Try to import/open with excel using comma delimted option.
Check Delimited option.

Check Comma option. Make sure they are ligned well.

Remove existing contact then start to add new contact on csv file. 

There are many columns and most of them may not needed. You can complete remove the columns if you don't use them. 

Save the csv file one you done.

Go back to Gmail contact. 
Expand the contact menu then you will see Import Contacts option. 
Select the csv file you updated.

Now your contact is imported to gmail. 
If you inserted group information on csv it will be automatically grouped.

Group them, edit them as necessary.

If you turned on auto sync option, it will be automatically synced.
Otherwise pick up your phone, go to Settings -> Account & Sync Option -> Google Account  then hit Sync Contacts.

The list will be imported to your phone.
You may have duplicated entry; one with Imported xx/xx/xxxx another with actual group number.

Edit them as necessary.


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