Holo Launcher

I've been hearing about Holo Launcher lately, so I decided to give it a try.

Search for 'holo' in Google Play then you will see
1) Holo Launcher Free version
2) Holo Launcher Paid version
3) Holo Locker

I installed the free version launcher and the locker.

The locker mimics ICS like effect. 
Once you touch the lock icon dots ripple and follow your finger.

On top it displays date, time and next alarm.
Of course the background is custom :) It's Lulu from League of Legends.

Do you see it spreads?

Look and feel of Holo Launcher is ICS.

Just like Go Launcher, Holo also supports built in folder (multi-icons) function.
Drag an icon to another and overlap them to create a folder that contains multiple icons.
Very handy space saving function :)

Go Weather and ZD Box Widget are shown

Its Home Screen dock rows are scroll-able for more icons on Home Screen.

This is a Jorte Calendar.  Let's see, I have to buy a Sesame Oil....

Option pop up. You can open up built in Android setting or Holo setting.

Holo Launcher options. 
As of now (07/17 2012) Paid version is $3.99.

Manage Apps screen


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