ZD Box

I use many switches (toggle buttons).

I use them for various reasons; to save battery (brightness), to increase performance (task killer) or just for simple convenience (brightness, sound)

I searched and tried various widgets but none other worked better than ZD Box and its widget. I mainly use it for customizable 4x2 switches but it also provides detailed system information such as Battery Status and Mobile Data usage.

ZD Box provides 4 types of Homescreen Widgtes;
1x1 ZD Box Tool (shortcut)
4x1 Task Killer
4x1 ZD Box Toolbar
4x2 ZD Box Toolbar

The widget I use is 4x2 Tool Bar with customized buttons.
These sets are what I use most but there are more buttons; such as Bluetooth, Sync, Network, App Lock, APN, WiFi etc etc.. Customize switches just as you prefer

For quick memory release use Tak Killer Button (Thunder with Circle button)
You can see immediate result when you experience lag due to multiple apps running.

More detail information can bee seen from opening up ZD Box app.
This is battery inforamtion screen.
Unlikely built in Android Battery Rank, ZD Box actually displays apps and their usage status.

Built in Android Battery Status.... pretty much useless information I will say.

If you are in limited data usage plan, Mobile Traffic menu might be useful.
You can set monthly limit and closely watch the traffic.

It has bulit in Cache cleaner and History Eraser.
Run this once a while to clearn up the phone file system.

ZD Box's Send Usage Stats is automatically checked. I personally uncheck this right after isntall.


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