Rom Number Two (#2) V2.2 Available

Ldrifta's Number Two Rom is the most popular / wide-spreaded / day-to-day Custom Rom for LG Esteem. 

 New version 2.2 has just come out. If you are using stock rom or have older version of custom rom try this one out. 

 Number Two Rom is known for its battery saving, fast performance and its stability through out numberous updates. 

Original Site

I just downloaded the rom so I don't have any screenshot ATM :)
Will update & post more after install is done.


Alright here are screenshots after Rom install.

One noticable update is using File Manager instead of Astro.
Just like Astron, it also has MD5 sum check built in.

Rom Number Two uses Launcher Pro.
Main Home Screen looks like this.

App Drawer

Rom Tool Box provides SD Boost function.
Set it to high value and make sure to check Apply on boot.
SD card write / read speed will be improved by this option.

As usual I place Weather App (Go Weather EX) and Multiple Buttons (ZD BOX) on the first home screen.

On the second home screen, I add Calendar App (Jorte)


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