SS Launcher

If you want something different than traditional launcher try SS Launcher.

You can directly download it from Google Market. It's install size is 1.12mb so very light size.

FYI, these are the install size of the launchers.

Go Launcher 6.65mb
Launcher Pro 2.07mb
ADW Launcher 1.14mb
Holo Launcher 0.97mb

Instead of using traiditional 'Home' screens and 'App' drawer, everything's in home screen.
SS Launcher calls it as 'Page'

This is a default 'Welcome Page'

As usual, I place Weather App and Switch App on screen.
To do this, I created another page then placed these on the page.

SS Launcher doesn't use traditional gride size so you may have to adjust the placement and size to get the proper look.

I also placed Jorte 4x4 Calendar App.
Notice the big title on top of the page. This is the title of the page.

Instead of using traditional screen indicator (dot, line), SS Launcher comes with stylish font header.
This can be customized too.

All apps (App Drawer) are placed under Application page.

Book marks page, Contact page and Hot Apps page will be placed automatically.

On 'Edit Page' mode, you can add new widgets and rearrange existing ones.
Widgets font, color, functions can be changed too. It's very customizable.

Displaying all pages.


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