Extended Battery

I finally got my extended battery :)

If you need an extra juice from the phone,
I highly recommend to get an extra battery for your need.

Just little bit of investment you can get twice more battery time.

I got mine from this ebay vendor.
Just $8.00, you can get 3500 mAH extended battery and the backcase.
(FYI, original battery that comes with Esteem is 1500 mAH.)

Alright, here's battery usage stats.
It was charged 100%

Check battery left % on top notification bar and battery run time on each screen shot.

Phone was pretty much in idle and short use since initial charge.
As you can see the slope is very slow from light usage.

Stiff slope at the end is from watching movies.

Little more heavy usage than the beginning.

I was able to capture when battery is 1%.

Depends on how you use your phone may not last full day
or it may last longer than a day and half.

Regardless, this extend battery will provide
almost twice of battery life than stock battery.

(-) Side
Phone becomes heavier and bulkier
No protection case for extended size (you have to make your own...)

(+) Side
Extra battery
The relief and peace of mind that you don't have to check battery % every hour..


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