Regina 3D Launcher

Hey if you want fancy, eye-candy & 3d effect Launcher, try Regina 3d Launcher.

Search for Regina from Google Play. 
Its main launcher and couple of launcher apps will be appeared.

Don't be afraid of name 3d. 
It's not like whole feature is made with 3d and require dual core, 2GB ram or anything..

It's install size is 2.56mb so farily small size.
And works great on  Esteem spec which is CPU1Ghz / 512mb RAM.

It's main screen is fairly standard.
You have empty main screen and dock on bottom.
Its dock has animation and you can scroll main home screen with dragging the dock.

Drag the home screen instead of quick swype, then you will see its 3d transition effect.
As you can see I set up different back ground for each home screen.

Nice butt.. I mean screen, screen.

You can zoom out main screens and jump to one.

Launcher Setting Screen

App Drawer screen.
You can see the main home screen from the app drawer which was unique.


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