Thank you Cellular Boys

(This is not an advertisement, it's an actual story from my personal experience.)

Recently I ordered Dock Charger for my LG Esteem
but I accidentally sent it to my old apartment address.

I tried to recover it (or at least tried to get some help)
from contacting USPS and the apartment management but the result was miserable.

Especially USPS.... They issued an incident report # but never called me back.
When the issue got transferred to local office,
I got insulted by their customer service lady.
She even hung up the phone at the end. (look my rage comic)

Luckily the seller Cellular Boys and their customer service Ms. Tracy stepped up and helped me out.
They decided to ship another charger with NO COST.

Today I received the charger, it's working fine and I am very happy with it.

And in order to express my thanks to the company I am writing this post.

If you are going to purchase some cell phone accessories, consider buy them from Cellular Boys.
They ship fast and have great customer service :)

LG Esteem (Revolution) Charger

Cellular Boys

The dock charger can charge phone and extra battery (both standard and extended) same time.


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