Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher is a very lightweight launcher designed for ICS and JB.
If you have GB (like LG Esteem) or lower version of OS in your phone, you won't be able to see if from Google Play.

For those who really want to try this Launcher, there's ported Apex Launcher available.
I know this works for Gingerbread but haven't personally tested with older version.

Here's how to install Apex Launcher on Gingerbread .

1) Download Apex Launcher.


2) Place ApexLauncher.apk in to your phone's SD Card. I usually copy file into Root folder of SD card.

3) Now use your phone's root browser program (I use Root Browser from Rom Tool Box), locate the file then copy it to System/App foler.

4) Hit Home Key, if it prompts which launcher you want to use, select Apex as default.

Since it's lightweight, it's very fast and smooth (It's reminds me Launcher Pro)

In same time you may not get some additional features that you get from other launchers.



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