Creating LG Motion (MS770) Base Rom

We are almost there :)

What's done

1) Rooting, installing recovery on LG Motion

2) Extracing boot.img and system.ext4.tar from Nandroid back up

3) Creating Android Kitchen and working MS770 folder set up

4) Deodexing, Zipaligning, removing few bloatwares

What's not done yet

1) Creating installable Rom (installation fails at this moment)

2) Testing


  1. Thank you guys so much, ive been waiting for this. I know that its on your time so im patient. Cant wait til its done. Thanks again.

  2. Thank you for your support.
    It installs fine but I am having secure error after rebooting due to this LG Locked Bootloader -_-;;

    I am trying installing ROM without formating system. Although this is not a very desired outcome at least we will go 1 step forward.

    Will definitely keep this project updated here & android forum :)


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