(ROM) LG-MS770 (Motion) Bella - update

Basically this is base rom with different theme. 
It has a new boot animation, status bar, icons and launcher.
Wish I can flash more (different kernel and setting them etc...) but I guess this is the best I can do at this point 

This is far away from day-to-day use and has couple of issues (see below). I hesitated to release this ROM but it seems like many users are already tired of looking at stock themes so.. here it is  

If my humble works can be used as stepping stones for future development, I will be very delighted.

Zipaligned, deodexed, well debloated
Custom Boot Animation
Custom Battery Icons
Custom Status Bar Icons
Apex Launcher
Wifi Scan Interval increased from 20 to 180 for battery saving (see below)

1. What's not working
LG Keyboard
It seems like Motion's LG Keyboard doesn't work with cooked rom. I have no idea why. Default keyboard Swype is working fine though.

2. What's working
Pretty much everything, call, text, 3G, 4G, Wifi, App install, Super User etc etc

3. I made a rom from Scrubtasticx's version F stock rom.

4. Again, you must be fully aware how to unbrick / restore the phone if install fails or encounter errors.


1. Download l0_signed_Bella_vBeta.zip from d-h.st then copy it on the root of external-SD card.\

2. Go to CWM by clicking Reboot Recovery @ 2nd-init Recovery app

3. Back up your current rom to your SD card if you haven't done it already.

4. Wipe data/factory reset

5. Wipe cache partition

6. Advanced -> Wipe Dalvik Cache
DO NOT select Reboot Recovery accidentally. It's on the top so it's very easy to click.

7. Mount and Storage -> format /Cache

8. Mount and Storate -> format /Data

9. Mount and Storage -> format /System (Now you can do this!)

10. Switch to Current SD Card to External by clicking Home button

11. Install Zip from sdcard

12. Choose l0_signed_Bella_Beta.zip which you placed on the SD card

13. Wait until installation finishes. 

14. If you see any error during installation or you don't see Finished message do not reboot.
Restore your phone with pre-made Nandroid backup.

15. If install was success Select 'Reboot System Now'
You may have to select it multiple times.

16. First reboot will take long.
New Android Circle boot animation will stay longer than you expected just wait till it loads.

17. Once it boots, set up your account & test all functions.


  1. where are the link and how i can install on my lg motion firmware f vesion thanks

  2. Where did the download link go lol.
    Please check this download link, I will update original post as well.



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