So what is Loki patch and how it's related with our LG phones?

If you've been following LG Motion and LG Spirit community, you probably know Loki patch is available for these phone now.

But what is Loki patch and what's so important about it? Why people are keep mentioning about it?

Loki patch is created by djrbliss (Dan Rosenberg) who is well known for his security break on various smart phones. Djrbliss was kind enough to include LG Motion and LG Spirit during his recent Loki patch update. So from now on those two phones will be permanently included in his Loki patches.

Let's think it as this way... you are a young child and your parents have strong restrictions on foods. You are not allowed to have candies and sweets at all. You are allowed to eat only what your parents allowed.

One day there was a parent gathering came up so they asked your grand parents to watch over you. Unlikely your parents, your grand parents have loose restriction of foods, so they let you have candies, chocolates and sodas. You are enjoying the freedom of foods that you couldn't eat before.

From this short story,
* You represent smartphone or other android devices
* Your strict parents are stock kernel (=secure kernel)
* Your grand parents are custom kernel (=insecure kernel, unsecured kernel)
* And the important event is the Loki patch.

Basically what Loki does is, it enables you to install custom kernel on your phone.

And the custom kernel enables you to do certain things that you cannot do with stock kernel installed; such as overclocking, deleting system apps and changing phone's behaviors.

So again, it's not the Loki patch that enables you to do overclocking and deleting secured apps. It simply open up the path for the custom kernel installing. Just like the parents' appointment lets your grandparents babysit you instead of your strict parents.

You may think Loki patch and installing custom kernel are all good and great but there are drawbacks as well.

The phone manufacturers put secure features for the reasons. The developers, engineers and testers from the phone company are (arguably) who know about the phone most and who worked on the phone the most. So they put those safety features by restricting you from modifying the phone. Just same as your parents are restricting your foods, so you can only eat healthy foods.

So what does this has to do with LG Motion and LG Spirit users?

1) You can now delete Google Movie, Magazine and Music.

2) You can have custom Kernel (overclock, extra CPU governor) installed

3) You can have better themed ROMs.

I've made a simple flow chart for secure patch error case after deleting secure apps Google Movie.

Basically if you installed Loki patch and custom kernel, you can delete them. Otherwise you will have secure error. (Fig 1)

(figure 1)

This truly is the remarkable turning point on LG Motion and LG Spirit. You will see more and more custom kernels and roms for these phones :)

Djrbliss Loki Site


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