My current phone setting & theme

Running GT's MIUI V5 for LG Spirit with MiRound theme (free)

I am a fan of simple, clean and minimalistic theme.

This is a MiRound default lock screen.
Unlock it with simple swype up action.

If you prefer different lock screen, you can bring different lock screen from different theme.
MIUI also lets you do mix & match.

4x1 Global Search (comes with the ROM)
4x4 Jorte Calendar with weather calendar add
I had to change rows from 4 to 5 @ Launcher Setting menu.

MIUI doesn't have separated App Drawer, this is the 3rd home screen.
Although you can simulate it with AppDrawer app.


  1. Greetings. Can you tell how to get the calendar as in the picture.
    I installed Jorte Calendar, where can I get weather calendar add

    1. Hi. Jorte calendar setting, hit calendar, hit add evet calendar, search for you city then add the weather calendar of you city. Make sure to check the weather calendar to include it. Good luck :)


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