Updated MIUI ROM for LG Spirit

GT (Game Theory) has published updated version MIUI Rom for LG SPirit (MS870)

MIUI (pronounced as mee-yoo-ai) is a custom user interface mod developed by Chinese private company Xiaomi Tech.

Due to the clean interface, various custom apps, new functions and huge custom themes support, it has gained popularity on custom rom users and developers.

Traditionally MIUI didn't support App Drawer so all of the widgets and apps were placed on, what we call, 'Home Screens' only.

It was the major drawback for those who wanted to have separated Home Screens and App Drawer.

But due to the recent development it can be solved by installing MIUI App Drawer (link below).

This rom is very slick, neat and efficient. I highly recommend you to download and try.

MIUI Rom for LG Spirit (Game Theory published rom)

MIUI Official Page (English)

App Drawer for MIUI


  1. Can this rom be ported to the lg motion using the porting guide found in android forums? http://androidforums.com/motion-4g-all-things-root/761353-lg-motion-4g-port-guide.html

  2. I briefly read the article and it seems like this specific porting guide is for CM roms. GT's LG Spirit MIUI rom is not based on CM thus it will have trouble with this step ->> (Now copy app, Framework, Fonts and Media folder in System Folder from Port rom to base rom system folder). Spirit's Framework and SystemUI.apk are not compatible with LG Motion. There were attempts to port GT's roms (they are so sleek!) but it requires some more complex modifications.

    1. Ok thanx man, i appreciate ur quick response.

  3. Can I use this ROM on my LG Optimus f6 Metro ?

  4. No Spirit and F6 are completely different, so you shouldn't install this on F6 or vice versa.

  5. Is there a mini rom for f6

  6. There are couple of ROMs available for LG F6. Generally stock based roms are more table (Xperion, Dana) than CM11 or Kitkat base ROMs. Check the android forum here.


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