[WIP] LG Motion Custom Rom - Spirit in Motion (SIM)

Since I have both Spirit and Motion, I have this wild idea of putting all Spirit stock apps into Motion and vice versa.

LG Spirit Launcher (with theme chooser and additioanl three themes)
Update LG Keyboard
Spirit Apps

Download will be provided later.


  1. Did you ever complete developing this rom? Thank you for your efforts and contribution bro!

  2. Nah.. it's been so busy :( I couldn't work on it.

    All necessary settings (files, roms, phones) are done. I just need time T.T

  3. Good lookin out on the bella v3 rom. Its awesome! Just curious... R u still gonna work on this spirit in motion rom and provide the download? Thanx again for all your contributions to our almost forgotten phone :-)

    1. Yes, this project is not forgotten but it's harder than I thought -_-;; It's because Spirit is my day to day phone so it's hard to test with it lol. I will definitely post update once it's in usable stage.


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