[WIP] Updated LG Motion Base Rom

This is a base rom made from fresh LG Motion Nandroid back up.

It's nothing new or special anything, I created this for my future development (Bella and Collab) but it can also be used as complete stand alone ROM.

People who like stock look and feel may like this.

Details & screenshots below.

ROM Description
LG Motion Base Rom with minor update
Made from nandroid backup
LG Spirit Stock Lanucher with Theme Chooser
Game Theory's Freedom Kernel
Wifi Scan Interval incrased for battery saving
LG and Metro Apps (bloat) all included
Updated Apps, Ready to use
Zip Aligned

Link will be provided later (sorry for the teaser :)

1. Make sure your phone is rooted and have CWM access. Make sure downloaded rom file is good (file size, MD5 sum)

2. Place the Zip file on your phone's SD card.

3. Go to CWM recovery

4. Make backup of your phone now.

5. Wipe Data/Factory Reset

6. Wipe Cache

7. Advanced -> Wipe Dalvik Cache

8. Install Zip from the SD card. Find out the Zip file.

7. Click to install.

8. Wait until it finishes.

9. Reboot the phone

10. First boot will take long time. Be patient and wait.
- If it takes more than 10 minutes, hold Power button to restart.
- If bootloops do the emergency back up.

11. Set up your account and test all functions.



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