Using Capacitive buttons on Spirit and Motion as Notification Light

My first smart phone was LG Esteem.

Although it's outdated (Single Core, Gingerbread), it still is high-end phone with HDMI ouput, Notification Light and built quality.

After I swiched to Motion and Spirit, I've been enjoying faster processor, more ram and updated OS but one thing I missed the most from Esteem is the Notification Light.

If there's missing call or email, the notification on top will lit up. Motion and Spirit don't have notification light so unless you turn on the cell phone and check, you won't notice if you missed important call or email.

Today I found out there's an app that can turn your capacitive buttons (Back, Home, Option buttons on bottom) to lit up when you missed certain event.

It's called LG Touch LED Notification.

(Playstore Link)

It support basic notifications of Gmail, SMS/MMS and Missed calls.

I tested these functions by emailing to myself, call myself and texted myself.

After I ignore the messages, screen turned off then the buttons started to blink.

So yes it works well with Spirit. I haven't tested with Motion but I bet it will work well too :)

There are also additional functions which you can disable during certain time or make it to stop blinking after certain period to save battery, adding additional activities for important event, and more.

I already caught one of the important mails after turned on this feature.

I like this app and I will keep this on my phone :)


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