Custom ROM - LG Motion Bella V3 (LIVE, Download Link Update)

Merry Christmas.

Here's an updated Bella ROM V3 for my Christmas gift to you all :)

Please accept my humble ROM and enjoy end December and end of the year.

Custom ROM for Metro PCS LG Motion (MS770)

djrbliss' LG Motion Loki port 
- bypassing security check, enabling custom kernel installation

Game Theory's Freedom Kernel (1.62Ghz)

- Loki patched unsecure kernel

Zipaligned, deodexed, well debloated

- apk optimized, easy to use as base rom, light weight, small size, all good stuff 

Custom Boot Animation, Icons, Wallpapers & Apex Launcher
- gives you different look

Wifi Scan Interval increased from 20 to 180
- battery saving (see below)

Comes with updated Apps
- ready to use after ROM installation, no need to update from Google Play

New Release V3 (Loki port, Overclock Freedom Kernel)

Prev Release V2 (Loki port, Modified Stock Kernel)
Dev-Host - MS770_Bella_v2[2].zip - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service

Prev Release (secured stock kernel)
Dev-Host - - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service


1. Download the ZIP file from then copy it on the root of external-SD card.

2. Go to CWM by clicking Reboot Recovery @ 2nd-init Recovery app

3. Back up your current rom to your SD card if you haven't done it already.

4. Wipe data/factory reset

5. Wipe cache partition

6. Advanced -> Wipe Dalvik Cache

7. Mount and Storage -> format /Cache

8. Mount and Storate -> format /Data

9. Mount and Storage -> format /System
Yes! Now you can do this!

10. Switch to Current SD Card to External by clicking Home button

11. Install Zip from sdcard

12. Choose the .zip file you downloaded and placed on the SD card

13. Wait until installation finishes. 

14. If you see any error during installation or you don't see Finished message DO NOT reboot.
Restore your phone with pre-made Nandroid backup.

15. If install was success Select 'Reboot System Now'

16. First reboot will take long.
New Android Circle boot animation will stay longer than you expected just wait till it loads.

17. Once it boots, set up your account & test all functions.


Update Log
12/05/2013 - version 3, inserting GT's Freedom Kernel, updated apps

07/12/2013 - version 2, loki port, custom kernel, updated apps
02/14/2013 - reworked from scratch using scrub's base rom, wifi fixed
02/11/2013 - initial release, wifi problem

My thanks to
Scrubtasticx - base rom
djrbliss - Loki port for LG Motion

Game Theory - Overclock Freedom Kernel (Loki patched)
johnnyl1111 - Flashable F Aboot
Shabbypenguin - Modified Stock Kernel (Loki patched)
Sammyz - unbrick guide
Cretinoid (Hroark13) - root and recovery program, CM10 updater-script
985hPaKick - 2nd init recovery app
You - brave enough to download and use my humble rom lol

I've done all my testing and developing with my day-to-day phone -_-;;
Little support will definitely get me going for future project and development 

1. You can come to my homepage and click pay-pal donation link.

2. Or you can click Google Ads on my homepage

3. Or you can just say thanks / hit thank button / give me support on future project.


  1. Awesomeness Kyle :-) I know it is never wise to ask how much longer to a developer so i will put aside my anxiousness and say thank you for the time u have put into this development. Cant wait,to check it out man.

  2. It's very close, I can release early beta version right now, although you won't see much difference between the last version :) Link updated @ OP

    1. Cool I will check it out. I have a question... In the past i tried to find out how to reinstall metroweb but to no avail. :-( Could u please help me with this?

    2. I believe you will have to copy & paste LGBrowser.apk from stock / bloated ROM. This is the Metro Web. Once you get it either install it or placed under /system/app folder.

    3. Thank u, i will give it a shot later after work.

  3. Hi. Thanks a lot for this Mod. It is the only one that really worked for my phone. One quick question. I couldnt find where do i see the CPU and the tweaks as screenshots above? Can someone share with me how to find them?

    1. Oh that is from the app called Rom Tool Box. It's an all in one tweak tool for root users. I bought the paid version so mine is acutally Room Tool Box Pro. You can try free version and decide whether you want to buy pro or not. Thank you for using my humble rom :)

    2. Thanks!!! I installed the Pro version and is really cool. Now I see the CPU overclock settings. Another question... I was reading the thread about the CPU overclock and the post instruct to download and and Do you know what the F-Modem does and if thats already in Bella V3 ROM?

    3. Yes Bela V3 has F modem. LG released series of firmwares for LG motion which addresses various bug fixes and upgrades and the latest release was version F. My ROM contains version F aboot.img and copies it during isntallation so you don't need to do it separately.


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