LG Esteem's Boot Images

I am trying to install LG Esteem's cooler bootimages (3d face turning, shape flying and changes to LG) into LG Motion and Spirit.

Unlikely bootanimation which you can copy zip file /system/media and change, bootimages have to be built into the kernel.

So this involves creating custom kernel and loki patching (to avoid security error). Not to mention image editing as well... those images are stored in kernel as .rle so they have to be converted to PNG.

It's a lot of work to replace simple 2-3 seconds images, but this is what Android Modding is about :)

So far it's working but due to the size and density difference, I only see upper left corner only.

Once I get it to work, I will post flashable zip file link.



Success :) here's the download link.

** LG Motion ONLY for now. This is a LG Motion Kernel

(GIF Version)

(WIP) Future Kernel changes log,


1. Bootlogo script changed to LG Esteem

#LG Motion
#service bootlogo /sbin/bootlogo
# class main
# user root
# group root
# disabled
# oneshot

service bootlogo /sbin/bootlogo
    user root
    group root
#    disabled

2. Default LCD Brightness changed from 139 to 100

#brightness properties
setprop ro.lge.lcd_default_brightness    100


1. Wallpaper script removed.

on boot
# [START][20111216, inhwan.we@lge.com]
# exec /sbin/wallpaper -ap
# wait /sbin/wallpaper
# [END] [20111216, inhwan.we@lge.com]


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