Galaxy Mega ROM Review - Vanir

** Vanir AOSP **

1. Tested Version

2. What it is
This is a Firmware developed by Team Vanir. Like the rom name says its AOSP based ROM with Vanir Team's touch.

3. Characteristics
Simple, clean, very stable

4. Recommended for
I have not been experienced Vanir Rom before so so I was little skeptical about installing it but what a surprise! This ROM is very fast, simple and stable. Highly recommended for everyone and especially for new users who want to install custom ROMs.

5. Known Issue
Cannot delete system apps even with Root access. I tried to delete some of the pre-installed system apps with Room Tool Box Pro but somehow it wasn't successful. It seems like either built-in Super User is not working or file systems & authority setting are different.

During heavy usage the device temp goes really high. I am not sure if this is ROM issue or specific app issue.


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