(ROM) LG Motion Year 2014


Initially I was going to make a fresh stock ROM from firmware G then I realized apps were outdated so I added updated Apps. Then I realized LG Motion Launcher is too simple so I changed that to a newer version.

Eventually I kept going and going and changed whole bunch of things. I also changed sounds, keyboard and wallpapers. Instead of having simple stock ROM I ended up having updated Motion year 2014 version :)

It's about time, give your good ol motion some new dress (IF you still have Motion lol :))


Made from Firmware G phone from the scratch
Zipaligned, Deodexed, Debloated
Loki-patched Insecure Kernel
Ready to use - updated Apps
Updated LG Home Launcher with 7 additional themes
LG G2 Keyboard with 3 additional themes
80+ New LG G2 Ringtones, Notification Sounds, UI Sounds
50 New Wall Papers (22 G2 Original HD + 28 Verizon VS980) - * will add later

Current Version 1a
MD5 Sum :: 227357d82dbccb59262648a670131d86


I recommend you to have version G installed. It may work well with other versions but I am not sure..

1. Download the ZIP file then copy it on the root of external-SD card.

2. Go to CWM by clicking Reboot Recovery @ 2nd-init Recovery app

3. Switch to the External SD mode by clicking Home button.

4. Back up your current rom to your SD card if you haven't done it already.

5. Wipe data/factory reset

6. Wipe cache partition

7. Advanced -> Wipe Dalvik Cache

8. Mount and Storage -> format /Cache

9. Mount and Storate -> format /Data

10. Mount and Storage -> format /System

11. Install Zip from sdcard

12. Choose the .zip file you downloaded and placed on the SD card

13. Wait until installation finishes.

14. If you see any error during installation, DO NOT reboot.
Restore your phone with pre-made Nandroid backup.

15. If install was success Select 'Reboot System Now'
** See below

16. First reboot will take longer than usual.

17. Once it boots, set up your account & test all functions.

** Warning **
If ROM install finishes in 1 second, then there's something wrong with the install even though you see the success message. 

There should be some delay when CWM installs this ROM especially when it says 'Installing System Apps and Files.'

Some people tend to skip formatting Cache/Data/System but I highly recommend to do these steps with this phone and this ROM.

07/28/2014 - Version 1 initial upload


New wallpaper. New LG Home Launcher with Miui theme.

Theme selector. Total 8 themes available.

New LG G2 Keyboard. Total 4 themes available

App drawer. Clean and neat. You can set different wallpaper for the app drawer.
More transition and functions added.

Different theme with different app drawer wallpaper

LG Home functions

Setting Screen

Updated play store with Netflix app page.


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