[ROM] LG Optimus F6 - Dana (V2)


This is a modified stock ROM for Metro PCS LG Optimus F6.


Made from version 12b
Zipaligned, Deodexed, Debloated
Loki-patched Insecure Kernel
Updated LG Home Launcher with 7 additional themes
LG G2 Keyboard with 3 additional themes
Aroma installer - customize Apps during install
- 3 Launcher selection
- 5 Keyboard selection
- 2 Email app selection
- 2 Browser app selection
- Extra tweaks & apps selection


Live Version 1



1. Download the ZIP file then copy it to the external-SD card.

2. Go to CWM

3. Make backup of your current working ROM, if you haven't done so.

4. Wipe Data / Factory Reset

5. Wipe Cache Partition

6. Advanced -> Wipe Dalvik Cache

7. Mount and Storage -> format /System

8. Mount and Storage -> format /Cache

9. Mount and Storage -> format /Data

10. Mount and Storage -> format /data and /data/media

11. Install Zip -> Choose Zip from /external_sd

12. Find out F6_Dana_.zip file -> Yes. Install

13. Wait until it says install done. If install fails, restore from the backup from step #3.

14. If install succes, Reboot System Now

15. First reboot will take longer than usual. If you see MetroPCS logo, give it a minute or two. If you see LG logo, it's boot stuck. Do the download mode.

16. Once it boots, set up your account & test all functions.

17. Thank you for using my humble ROM. Your donation, fee back, comments will be all appreciated.


08/15/2014 - Beta V.1 uploaded



  1. Nice work! Do you think this would work on a T-Mobile Branded F6? What is your thoughts on a good daily driver for KitKat for the F6?

  2. as far as i know, the only difference between TMO F6 and Metro F6 are pre-installed apps. i've heard people use same ROM on both phones without an issue.

    in my opinion, kitkat ROMs (CM11, AOKP) still have some issues but you are more than welcome to try them and see if it's sufficient for your use

  3. Thanks for the feedback! Does this mean I will see it startup with the logo of MetroPCS... If so is there an easy way to change or turn it off ;)

  4. under phone's /system/media, there a .zip file called bootanimation.zip

    either remove this or replace with bootanimation of your like. if you google search there are more fancy ones available throughout internet, download one, make sure to name it exactly same (bootanimation.zip), then replace it on /system/media

    restart the phone and you will see new animations.

  5. Thx I plan to install this ROM this weekend! So once I install this the phone is still remains rooted right...

  6. yes it will be rooted. you will be able to use root apps (rom tool box, root explorer etc..) with this ROM

  7. So I was successful in using the Live Version 1. I even used your instructions to change the boot-up animation... One weird thing I noticed was that on every reboot the play store would revert to an earlier version and then would update itself. After you have it started up everything works pretty well! I also tried Version 2 loaded the firmware and restarted. Then the startup wizard kept failing so I had to restore it to load Version 1. What does the Beta Version give me and is more stable than Version 1?

  8. start up screen supposed to work fine, if it still gives you trouble, try to choose different apps (maybe different keyboard, different home launcher) during install and see if they make difference.

    some google apps, such as playstore, youtube and gmail, have been updated after F6 launched, so i am i am trying to add most recent apps to the rom, doing these sometimes apps crash with initial F6 phone setting, that cause force close on some apps, i am working on these as well

    thank you for checking my roms

  9. Do you have the GAPPS that are stable that I could sideload because otherwise I really like the V1 that I have customized and installed :)

  10. i think some people install gapps for JB but i believe these are not updated periodically, the only gapps updated and maintained are for kitkat versions. i havent flashed gapps on top of stock roms so i am not sure if they will be stable or not. you can google 'gapps for jb' and see if any of the packages work well with my rom

  11. I want KitKat installed on my metropcs f6. Not stock ROM modded. Is it possible ?

    1. Yes, that is possible. There are couple Kitkat based F6 ROM but they are not as stable as Stock Modded.

      Check something like this



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