Metro PCS LG F60 (MS395) Custom ROM Eva V1


Let's get going!!

This is a modified stock ROM for Metro PCS LG Optimus F60 (MS395). Since this is a stock based rom (4.4.2 KitKat), it's stable and you can use it as daily driver.

Apps are Zipaligned and Debloated. You can immediately feel the phone is snappy and fast. Most of LG and Metro apps are removed, that will give you close to 4GB of internal space.


Everything working - 4G LTE, Wifi, Camera, App Store, Hot Spot

Zipaligned, Deodexed, Debloated

Rooted, Busybox, Xposed Installer

Replaced LG Apps with Googles (Setup, Calendar, Keyboard)

LG G4 Sounds (Ringtones, Notifications, Alarms sound, UI)

Updated Apps, Ready to use


MikeHoncho - Updater Script
IncaKola - Custom Boot Animation, Updater Script


Coming Soon!!


Your phone must be rooted and TWRP installed.

1. Copy ROM file to External SD card
2. Reboot to Recovery
3. Make a backup of your current phone
4. Factory Reset
5. Install downloaded Eva ROM
6. Make sure you see all steps completed from 1-6
7. Reboot System
8. First Boot will take couple of minutes
9. Follow the setup guide from the screen
10. Enjoy



Not necessary but always welcome :)
Available from my blog @


  1. So when is the download going to be available?

  2. Testers informed me that they are having camera and signal issues so... I am hesitant to post it. Anyway if you want to try out here's the link. But again, you have to make sure you have backup ready before flashing this ROM.

  3. In looking for the stock room for this phone that is untouched do you have one?

    1. ROM not room sorry autocorrect

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


      I don't have original stock one but this one is very close. It's not a ROM but TWRP stock backup.

      Download ( and ( only. Then use TWRP's Restore function to completely restore the phone.

  4. I didn't have any major problem with the ROM but testers said they had various issues (signal not working, camera not working..) It might be due to different batches of F60 Phones.. I don't know. Anyway you can still download files from here (link included in the post) but make sure you have TRWP backup before installing this custom ROM.


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