Metro PCS New Promo - Buy S7 and get a new Gear VR Free

Similar to T-Mobile promo, Metro PCS is advertising free Gear VR for S7 purchase.

Although the web doesn't have ANY details about the phone and there's no mention about S7 Edge. So I am not sure what would be the final price of S7. BTW T-Mobile sells S7 for $669.99 and S7 Edge for $779.99 so this will give you rough estimate of MPCS version of the phone.

Since no information is available and it's limited time offer, you have to move quickly.

1. Pre-register now

2. Purchase S7 by 3/18 (S7 Edge not available??)

3. Fill out online form and upload receipt image by 3/31

Galaxy S7

Gear VR


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