Open Letter to LG - I want Refund for my LG G Stylo

Open Letter to LG

Dear LG Mobile

My name is Kyle and I am a dedicated LG phone user.
My wireless carrier is Metro PCS and I've been only using LG Phones (Esteem, Motion, Spirit, F6, F60, G Stylo) ever since.

I am also a ROM Developer with multiple published ROMs and tweaks for LG Phones. I go by ID Bard at AnroidForums and have a ROM Developer Title.
I've spent countless hours for developing those ROMS and assissted LG users through forum activity.
I am proudly say that I've helped LG community to grow and expand. My experience with LG product has been stelar but it changed this year.

December of the last year, I've purchased LG G Stylo (MS631) to upgrade my LG F60. As a royal LG customer & developer I didn't even consider any other brand.
But due to the design failure & manufacturer defect of Stylo's GPS, it's been a disastrous experience.

The GPS reception of LG Stylo is not working, spot connection at best. Any GPS & location based apps including maps, navigation, local serach result and game don't work.
And it's not just my phone only, hundreds and thousands users are affected by this. Just simply Google " LG G Stylo GPS issue" and you see users complaints.

In order to get it fixed I also contact LG Repair Center but it didn't work. As a matter of fact, I had to send it to your facility **3 TIMES** but it didn't solve the issue.
I've spent numerous hours calling, contacting, switching phones, stop by Fedex office package it up, pay my own money for package (lable is paid by LG but box is not), wait phone to come back, switching back, set up the phone from scratch again. This has been causing too much time wasted and stress on my end.

Below is my attempts to get it repaired.

May 24, 2016
Repair ticket issued for the first time
Unit sent to LG Repair Center
RMA# A0165G76450

May 27, 2016
Phone reparied shipped back.

May 27 - June 13, 2016
Found GPS issue still exists, contacted customer service

June 13, 2016
Repair ticket issued for the second time
Unit sent to LG Repair Center
RMA# A0166003852

June 20, 2016
Phone repaired shipped back

June 20 - July 18, 2016
GPS not fixed
Contacted customer service for completely replace or refund but denied

July 18, 2016
Repair ticket issued for the third time with escalation note
Unit sent to LG Repair Center
RMA# A0167G10133

July 28, 2016
Phone repaired shipped back

July 28, 2016 - August 26, 2016
GPS issue still exists
Had to activate and use old Samsung phone for family travel

August 30, 2016
Contacted customer service for complete refund, denied

As you can see I've spent too much time and energy for this phone. Also LG is wasting return lable and repair labor for something that cannot be fixed.
I gave LG 3 chances already, so this time I am kindly asking LG to completely refund my stylo so I can walk out from this.

For your reference, below is LG ROMs which I worked and published.

LG Esteem (MS910) ROM - Alicia

LG Motion (MS770) ROM - Bela

LG Motion (MS770) ROM - Year2014

LG F6 (MS500) ROM - Dana

LG F60 (MS395) ROM - Base ROM


Kyle Lee


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